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Manuscript Appraisal/Critique Service


Written work in any genre is accepted for appraisal/critique e.g. fiction and non-fiction prose writings, scripts and poetry but specialising in short stories and novels.  Appraisals are designed to help new writers succeed in competitions or in getting their work published.


Appraisals include reading of the full MS and the production of a detailed summative comment (a report in the case of full length works e.g. novels) which outlines specific points for development e.g. characterisation, plot/sub-plot, narrative perspective, timeline and structure, dialogue, use of imagery/description, style and tone.  Specific examples are detailed in the report and the MS is returned fully marked up, including a ‘light touch’ proof read (i.e. pointing out obvious errors of spelling/punctuation/grammar and typing) and suggested edits.


Turn around time depends on length of MS submitted but typically expect 2 weeks per short short/article (under 15,000 words) and 6-8 weeks per novel (70,000-100,000 words).  Manuscripts must be emailed as Microsoft Word documents.


Fees for appraisals are £25 per 2000 words of prose/script.  Fees for poetry appraisal are negoitable based on the nature of the poetic format and length (please contact me for further details on this).


Mentoring for New Writers


One-to-one mentoring is available to writers in the early stages of their career who have completed a first draft of an adult or YA novel, a full length script, or a collection of poetry/short stories and who want specific, personalised and professional editorial guidance to help their work reach publishable/production standard.  


Mentoring includes a full MS appraisal (as above) plus detailed feedback and guidance on redrafts.  Feedback sessions are via telephone conferences, in person (for writers able to travel) or by email/Skype for writers based abroad.  Mentoring sessions focus on issues outlined in the appraisal and may include, but are not limited to; characterisation, plot/sub-plot, narrative perspective, timeline and structure, dialogue and use of imagery/description, tone and style.  Additional sessions on writing a synopsis/covering letter for approaching agents/publishers or writing a premise/treatment for scripts and advice on routes to publication and/or performance/production are also available.


Writers joining the mentoring scheme may have as many feedback sessions as they like.  Feedback sessions typically involve re-reading and re-appraising 30-50 page sections of the MS (following redrafts made after the initial appraisal) and providing a further report along with more mark-ups on the MS plus a verbal/face-to-face (where possible) or e-conversation about the MS, offering advice and guidance as appropriate.


Fees for mentoring are the cost of initial appraisal (as above) plus £100 per feedback session.  Fees are payable prior to the work for each feedback session being undertaken (the re-reading/re-appraising and contact) and are therefore payable in instalments with no commitment beyond each individual session.




Proof Reading Service


For those writers about to go to press with a self-published book, those who want to make sure their work is error-free before submitting to publishers/agents/competitions or those who simply want another pair of eyes checking the accuracy of their writing pre pubication I am pleased to heartily recommend the services of proof reader David Willock.  He provides a top quality service, working quickly and thoroughly through even the longest of manuscripts, to spot everything from grammatical errors and mistakes in punctuation, spelling and layout/typography to unnecessary repetitions, missing words and inconsistencies.  He is a highly professional proof reader and I guarentee your work will be in much better shape after David has proofed it for you.


For manuscripts up to 100 pages the fee is negotiable; 101-250 charged at £180; 251-500 charged at £320.  Add £1.00 per page for every page over 500.  Anyone wishing to take up David's service should contact me through my contacts page as, by doing so, you will receive a 25% discount on David's fees.


For more information or to request any of these services contact Tracey through the contacts page.


Also see my links page for a range of other useful places for writers to check out, including competitions, writing organisations and publishers.