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White Leaves of Peace

Due for release by Cinnamon Press 26th April 2019

Part three of Tracey's Celtic Colours trilogy


When the big men get around the table on Good Friday of 1998 and sign up to peace in Northern Ireland nine year old Cian Duffy’s story should have ended.  Instead it is the beginning of a decade of Troubles for him.  Haunted by his mother’s IRA past and chased by present day violence sectarianism, Cian ends up being forced to flee peace-torn Belfast.  Facing a life in exile, he reconciles himself to the past and makes a new life for himself, somewhere he feels he belongs.  Then Britain votes for Brexit; the old adage of England’s difficulty being Ireland’s opportunity is tabled yet again and Cian has to confront the past and the future.


White Leaves of Peace is a stark reminder that ending a war takes more than the signing of a treaty.  Peace is hard won.  You have to fight for it.



White Leaves of Peace was released by Cinnamon Press in Easter 2019.




White Leaves of Peace


by Tracey Iceton


Available Easter 2019  

£9.99 + £3.50 UK p&p

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Through the eyes of Cian Duffy, Tracey Iceton captures both the inherited grief and the painful hope of the period known as the Troubles and its aftermath. Within the lens of the burgeoning prospect of the Good Friday Agreement, she impeccably captures of the legacy of inequality within the north of Ireland, as well as the numerous contradictions found within the lives of the inhabitants within the Six Counties.  Within these pages, equality races to breach the societal barriers so poignantly captured by the imaginary line in the park, while the slow pace of progress meekly attempts to shake off the hood of entrenched prejudice within the policing and political system. The north of Ireland’s attempts at metamorphosis are mirrored in Cian’s personal transformation from innocent boy into active service that leads to his subsequent adoption of a new life and country. Nevertheless, Cian soon learns Ireland’s call prevails over distance and P O’Neill’s request cannot be ignored. Through her story, Tracey gives life to the histories of so many men, women, and children during this period, creating a beacon for recognition of their untold stories. The author truly captures that the fire of history can shed a bright light, but that it can also cast a long, dark shadow into the future. As the deeds of the past burn away, from the ashes can arise two very different choices: voluntary pursuit of justice and equality or ongoing conscription into the ranks of injustice and disparity. 


Jim McIlmurray

Case Coordinator for the Hooded Men of 1971.






The Hooded Men New Writing Extract

From troubled Northern Ireland to the sun-baked roads of outback Australia White Leaves of Peace is a novel of youthful identities, the identities of individuals and the identities of nations. A fine-drawn novel of person and place.


Graeme Harper

Editor, New Writing

white leaves final WL at Drakes (43)

Tracey reading from White Leaves of Peace at the launch of the third part of her Celtic Colours Trilogy

Drakes Bookshop, Stockton on Tees, 26th April, 2019