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Celtic Colours Trilogy (4)

The Celtic Colours Trilogy


Telling the story of a hundred years of conflict in Irealnd

Green Dawn at St Enda's 2016

Herself Alone in Orange Rain 2017

White Leaves of Peace 2019

Available direct from Cinnamon Press

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Part One - Green Dawn at St Enda's


William Devoy is twelve years old when his Irish father sends him from his New York home to a new Dublin boarding school, St Enda’s.  William imagines having a grand adventure.  

It is 1911.  


The next five years will bring William, and Ireland, turmoil and opportunity in equal measure.  While William is busy learning Irish, playing hurling and losing himself in the legend of Cúchulainn, the boy warrior from the Irish folk story The Táin, the political hot potato of Irish Home Rule is passed from Commons to Lords and Irelanders, sick of British oppression and empowered by the reawakening of Irish national consciousness, set out to fight for independence.  William will see it all unfolding and, when a small band of passionately Irish patriots decide on armed rebellion against British rule in Ireland, William will take his place alongside them.  For Patrick Pearse is destined to be their leader.  Committed to championing the cause of all things Gaelic, Pearse is a poet and a dreamer, an idealist and an activist.  And William’s headmaster.  Together, as soldiers of the Army of the Irish Republic they will march on the Dublin General Post Office and into history.  A grand adventure indeed!


Green Dawn at St Enda’s tells the story one boy’s journey to adulthood and the history of one nation’s struggle for freedom.



Green Dawn cover FINAL

Part Two - Herself Alone in Orange Rain


Kaylynne Ryan is a promising art student, used to fighting for her place in a world of men but when a forgotten friend turns up she realises there is more than her own freedom at stake.


Learning the truth about her Irish heritage, her grandfather who fought all his life for Ireland’s independence, her parents who gave their lives for the same cause, she finds herself drawn into the dangerous world of the Provisional IRA with its bombing campaigns, bloody violence, hunger strikes and patriotic sacrifice.  She didn’t look for the Troubles but they found her and now, whatever the cost, she must join the cause to help rid the Six Counties of the Brits.  


Herself Alone in Orange Rain tells the story of one young woman’s fight for freedom and independence, for her homeland and herself.


Herself Alone in Orange Rain also formed the basis for and creative component of Tracey's creative writing PhD thesis Troubles Women: Using Creative Writing Practice to Challenge Misrepresentations of IRA Women in Troubles Fiction.  She completed her practice-led research project in October 2016 and was awarded her creative writing doctorate in early 2017.


orange rain cover final

Part Three - White Leaves of Peace


When the big men get around the table on Good Friday of 1998 and sign up to peace in Northern Ireland nine year old Cian Duffy’s story should have ended.  Instead it is the beginning of a decade of Troubles for him.  Haunted by his mother’s IRA past and chased by present day violence sectarianism, Cian ends up being forced to flee peace-torn Belfast.  Facing a life in exile, he reconciles himself to the past and makes a new life for himself, somewhere he feels he belongs.  Then Britain votes for Brexit; the old adage of England’s difficulty being Ireland’s opportunity is tabled yet again and Cian has to confront the past and the future.


White Leaves of Peace is a stark reminder that ending a war takes more than the signing of a treaty.  Peace is hard won.  You have to fight for it.


white leaves final
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