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Competition Results


 Mslexia – Flash Fifty The Chair (Flash fiction) October 2009 – Winner

 UK Opening Pages Competition 2010 The Way Back (Novel) January 2010 – Very Highly Commended

 Cinnamon Press Novel Prize 2010 Rock God Complex (Novel) March 2010 – Long Listed  

 Bridge House Publishing début Novel Competition, Rock God Complex (Novel) April 2010 – Long Listed

 Adventures in Fiction Novel Apprenticeship Competition Rock God Complex (Novel) May 2010 – Runner up

 Cinnamon Press Novel Prize 2010 Rock God Complex (Novel) November 2010 – Long Listed  

Writers’ Block and Bohouse Short Story Competition Home Tomorrow (Short Story) March 2011 –Winner

Cinnamon Press Mini Competition 4 Letter to Long Kesh (Short Story) May 2012 – Runner Up

Bristol Short Story Prize Apple Shot (Short Story) July 2012 – Short Listed

 Cinnamon Press Mini Competition 5 Summer in my Kitchen (Non-fiction) August 2012 – Highly commended

 Cinnamon Press Novel Prize 2012 Green Dawn at St Enda’s (Novel) August 2012 – Short Listed

 Yellow Room Autumn Short Story Competition Car Life (Short Story) October 2012 – Short Listed

 Nottingham Short Story Competition Two Guitarists on a Street Corner (Short Story) November 2012 – Short Listed

Global Short Story Competition Diana of the Moon (Short Story) December 2012 – Winner

Irish Writers Centre Novel Fair Competition Green Dawn at St Enda’s (Novel) January 2013 – Long Listed

 Cinnamon Press Novel Prize 2013 Green Dawn at St Enda’s (Novel) March 2013 – Short Listed

 Chapter One Promotions Children’s Novel Competition Green Dawn at St Enda’s (Novel) April 2013 – Runner up

 Cinnamon Press Very Short Fiction Competition In the Woods (Flash Fiction) April 2013 – Commended/ Honourable Mention

Chapter One Promotions International Short Story Competition Diana of the Moon (Short Story) April 2013 – Joint 3rd

     Prize Winner

 2013 Baltic Residency Competition in Scotland Green Dawn at St Enda’s (Novel) Short Listed – June 2013

Yeovil Literary Prize – short story category Dinner for One (Short Story) Short Listed – July 2013

 Cinnamon Press Short Story Competition 2013 Slag (Short Story) Short Listed & particularly commended – August 2013

Sean O’Faolain Short Story Competition 2013 Butterfly Wings (Short Story) Highly Commended – September 2013 

 HISSAC Short Story Competition Blind Leading (Short Story) Long Listed – September 2013

HISSAC Short Story Competition Butterfly Wings (Short Story) Winner – November 2013

 Prole Short Story Competition Blind Leading (Short Story) Runner up – December 2013

 Cinnamon Short Story Competition As the world (re)turns Runner up – Sept 2014

 Mslexia Women’s Short Story Competition Ask Not Short Listed – May 2015

 Creative Writing Matters Wow! Competition Letter to Long Kesh Short Listed – June 2015

 To Hull and Back Short Story Competition HM Office of Replacement Short Listed – Sept 2017

 Aesthetic Creative Writing Award Diana of the Moon Short Listed – Nov 2017

 Crossing the Tees Short Story Competition The Diavel Rides Out 3rd Prize Winner – Dec 2018

Bristol Anthology Home Tomorrow Nottingham Anthology

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