Try Writing


Fr Michael Campion

I really enjoyed the sessions and found Tracey's teaching most productive and helpful.


Liz Pike


"Having Tracey's feedback on my novel has been so valuable. I feel that my novel has been transformed through these sessions.  She has really helped me to stand back from the text and look at it from a distance.  She is very encouraging too and with her input I really feel that my work has come on a long way.  Highly recommended!"


Ian Wallace


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the appraisals that you have performed  on my work to date and for the follow up mentoring. Throughout I have found the whole experience to be professional, insightful, educational and inspirational.


Through your efforts I have found a desire to want to further develop my skills in the art of creative writing. I find the journey from idea to finished manuscript has become more enjoyable as a result of your deeply considered efforts on my behalf.


I will have no issues with recommending you to other creative writers, be they budding artists or professional novelist. Be assured I shall be seeking your services again in the future. In the meantime, thank you again."


Lyndsey Cuthbert


"The course (What's in a Story) helped me to renew my love for writing and find the courage to have a go so I'm really glad I did it."


Christine Crabtree


"I didn't know anything about story writing when I started the course but by the end found that I could write, with confidence and I enjoyed it. I learnt about character, plot, structure and where to find inspiration. Tracey is such an encouraging and knowledgeable teacher that learning was easy and fun. For a complete beginner like me it was ideally structured with lots of pointers and ‘hard’ facts, but with opportunities to’ have a go’ too. I now carry a note book and have lots of ideas and plots for my writing projects. I had always thought that this was something a writer should probably do, but without the direction and support of the course I never knew how to use material or how to channel it. So! watch this space..."


Janet Woodcock


"I really enjoyed the workshop (Writing for Stage and Screen), it was both interesting and informative and I may try my hand at writing for the radio in future."


Bud Craig - Author of the Gus Keane Murder Mysteries


"Thanks for the attachments with layout guidelines. Thanks also for the workshop (Writing for Stage and Sceen). Very enjoyable and useful, with good contributions from a mixed group. It will even help me with my homework for the Inkerman Writers this term!"


Arwen - chair of the Richmondshire Writers Group


"Tracey delivered a great workshop for our writers group covering a huge amount is a short space of time. She offered some excellent writing advice as well as introducing different ideas and interesting writing prompts. We all enjoyed the evening and hope to arrange another workshop with Tracey soon."


Jody Cooksley - author of How to Keep Well in Wartime


"Initially I wasn’t sure how the process would work but the whole journey has been incredibly rewarding and I have ended with a manuscript that I genuinely feel is finished, and of which I am actually proud. Tracey expertly pinpointed the narrative issues that were troubling me and very gently but firmly supported me through the process of addressing them rather than just leaving them and hoping for the best, which is probably what I would have done if left to my own devices! For a writer to take such care over another’s work takes a very generous spirit. Tracey really cares about making an author’s work as good as it can be."