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Crown & Kingdom

For personal reasons the remaining members of C&K have choosen not to have a web presence related to their former band but here you can find some info about Mickey Hunter and a selection of C&K album art


Senimal albums by C&K



c&k vol 2small c&k vol 3small

Crown & Kingdon Vol 2 - their second album                                                       Crown & Kingdom Vol 3 - surprisingly, their third album!


Mickey Hunter: Chronology & Discography



2nd August: Born in Nottingham.



Family moves to London.



Play in a Day: Bert Weedon’s Guitar Guide first published.



August: buys second hand guitar with saved pocket money and, aged 12, begins to learn to play the guitar.



July: Joins Davy Wilson Quintet, on rhythm guitar.



The Davy Wilson Quintet tour the UK club scene.



March: Davy Wilson Quintet split; joins Three Bob Band on lead guitar.

June: TBB release Take Three, the band’s first album with Mickey Hunter on lead guitar; first single release, ‘Keep Playin’, Baby’, reaches no. 1 in the UK singles charts.

July – December: TBB tour the UK, Europe and America; second single release, ‘Rock and Roll Daze’, reaches no. 1 in the UK and US singles charts.



May: TBB release Black and Blues; ‘Nothin’ but the Truth’ reaches no. 2 in the UK singles charts and no. 5 in the US singles charts simultaneously.

June – November: TBB tour the UK and Europe.



January – April: TBB tour America; ‘Black and Blues’, the title track from the album of the same name, reaches no. 1 in the UK and US single charts.

July – December: TBB tour the UK and Europe for the final time.



February: Quits TBB.  

Spring/summer: Forms C & K.  Mother murdered.  

August: First C & K gig; meets Anna Litchfield.  

November: Crown & Kingdom, vol. 1  released; C & K complete first UK tour.



February: C & K perform at Royal Albert Hall as part of second UK tour.  

August: Crown & Kingdom vol. 2 released and goes straight to no. 3 in the UK album chart and no. 4 in the US album chart; Crown & Kingdom vol. 1 becomes C & K’s first gold-selling album.

August – December: C & K embark on first US and European tours.



March: Crown & Kingdom vol. 3 released; all three C & K albums occupy the top three spots in the UK album charts for a record-breaking twelve weeks.

March – September: C & K second European and US tours.  

Late September: Breaks up with Anna Litchfield after she has affair with Philip Hall.  October onwards: C & K on hiatus.



April: C & K hiatus ends.  

May: C & K begin writing and recording new material.

21st May: Keira Litchfield born.

June – August: third UK tour.



January: Four Kings Ride Out released and becomes fastest ever platinum-selling album.  

March – July: Fourth UK tour including headlining at the National Jazz Blues and Rock Festival in Reading; third European tour.  

September – December: Third US tour.



February – April: C & K write and record Return of the Kings.

May: Return of the Kings is released and goes straight to no. 1 in both the UK and US album chart.  

June: Single ‘Trees of Eden’ is released, becoming the only single release by C & K during the lifetime of all original band members.  It goes straight to no. 1 in both the UK and US singles charts, knocking ex- Beatle Paul McCartney’s new band Wings off the top spot.  The song goes on to become C & K’s anthem.

July – September: Fourth European tour.

October – December: Fifth UK tour which included three nights at the Alexandra Palace, gigs which are recorded and later released as a live album and concert footage.



February: Crown & Kingdom Storm the Palace –Live at Alexandra Palace is released, becoming the first live album by a British band to go straight to the no. 1 spot in the US album charts.

April: Concert footage of Crown & Kingdom Storm the Palace –Live at Alexandra Palace is given a US cinema release in lieu of an American tour and plays at picture houses across American for two month.

March – November: C & K write and record Long Live the Kings.



January: Long Live the Kings is released and reaches no. 5 in the UK and no. 7 in the US album charts.  The album is heavily criticised in the music press for being unoriginal.

February – April: Sixth UK tour.

July – September: Fourth American tour.

November: C & K record a BBC session album of traditional blues covers in direct response to criticisms levied at Long Live the Kings



March: In the Presence of Royalty, the blues cover BBC session album, is released.

June: C & K headline the Stonehenge Festival.

August – December: C & K write and record their ninth album, The Slain Gods.



February: The Slain Gods is released and C & K become the first band to have all nine of their albums in the UK Top 40 album chart.

June: C & K headline at the Knebworth Festival.  This performance becomes the last ever live performance with John Ronsarno on drums.

July – December: C & K on hiatus



June: Anna Litchfield killed in car accident, Keira, the daughter from her relationship with Mickey Hunter, is sent to live with relatives.

July: Hiatus ends.  C & K begin writing and record Twilight Manoeuvres, which includes the song ‘Over the Edge’.  The album is their tenth and final and the only one written and produced entirely by Philip Hall.

11th November: C & K drummer John Ronsarno dies at the home of Mickey Hunter.  Following a coroner’s enquiry the cause of death is recorded as accidental.

15th December: C & K’s management issue a statement confirming the break up of the band.

21st December: ‘Over the Edge’ is released as a single, in tribute to John Ronsarno.



January: Admits himself to a private hospital in central London for drug rehabilitation treatment.



May: Marries Meg Collins, a nurse he met during his hospital stay.



January: Officially retires from public life.

February: Secretly founds Hermit Productions which is subsequently credited with producing several award-winning original film scores between 1983-1995.



April: Establishes the Fortune Foundation, a charitable organisation which funds grassroots music opportunities for inner-city youngsters.



March: C & K are honoured with a lifetime achievement award by the UK music industry body NIME (National Institute for Musical Excellence); C & K reform with James Ronsarno on drums and perform live at the awards ceremony in London.

June – December: C & K, with James Ronsarno on drums, embark on an extensive tour which includes the UK and Europe.  Amsterdam gig is recorded for later release on DVD.



January – May: C & K tour America, returning to the UK in April where they perform their last ever gig at the 100 Club in London.

July: Ace of Kings – Crown & Kingdom Live in Amsterdam is released on DVD.

28th August: Keira Hunter marries James Ronsarno.  C & K are rumoured to have played at the wedding reception.



9th January: Dies of chronic heart failure aged 56.



c&k vol 1small

Crown & Kingdom Vol 1 - their debut album