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Rock God Complex - The Mickey Hunter Story


70s rock bands — Led Zep, Sabbath, Free, Skynyrd, Taste… Crown & Kingdom?


70s rock guitarists — Page, Blackmore, Trower, Santana, Gallagher… Mickey Hunter?


Forgotten by Classic Rock fans, Crown & Kingdom are the lost gods of 70s music. Led by the mercurial Mickey Hunter, they powered across the rock scene, with phenomenal, platinum-selling albums and scorching live gigs. But with great heights come great falls and as the fame grew toxic—especially for Hunter—C&K’s ultimate destruction was inevitable.


Fifteen years after his song played out, Rock God Complex tells Mickey Hunter’s story in his words, revealing the turbulent truth of a man who became a god among guitarists.


Tracey Iceton is a novelist and rock historian. Her unique relationship with the elusive Hunter granted her privileged access to the guitarist’s story. Rock God Complex is an extraordinary book.


Praise for Rock God Complex: The Mickey Hunter Story


“Rock God Complex describes in detail all the human mess that results from being a popular culture deity, the sex, and drugs and rock and roll combined with all their complicated consequences.  It vividly evokes all the excitement and shows why the hype is justified while also deconstructing that hype and making it represent key phenomena of contemporary life.” Ian Gregson, author


“Iceton captures the raw, visceral world of rock music for what it is – a place of Gods and Monsters, where music pulls people apart and puts them back together like nothing else.  But the book is more than that – it’s a loving and perceptive exploration of the rock and roll mythology.  A sheer love of music pulsates through every

word.  A thrilling, incisive rock ‘n’ roll mammoth of a book.”  

Guy Mankowski, author of Letters for Yelena and An Honest



“This is a gritty, witty take on the heady myths and harsh

realities of rock ‘n’ roll.”  Adam Hansen, Northumbria

University, author of Shakespeare and Music.

Available direct from Cinnamon Press

For a signed copy email

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C&K logo

Crown & Kingdom - the greatest band you've never heard of.

Crown & Kingdom Album Art

Below (left to right) -  Crown & Kingdom  vols 1, 2 & 3 and Four Kings Ride out

c&k vol 1small
c&k vol 2small
c&k vol 3small
four kings ride out.jpg
return of the kings front.jpg
return of the kings inner.jpg
slain gods front.jpg

Above (left) -  Return of the Kings outer sleeve; (right) Return of the Kings inner sleeve

Left - The Slain Gods outer sleeve

Right - The Slain Gods inner sleeve

slain gods inner.jpg


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