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Self-Study Creative Writing Courses

Some recommended reading for writers developing their skills

Ideal for those who want to develop their creative writing craft

Whether you are just getting started on your writing journey,

returning to writing, wanting to hone your existing writing skills or

work on a particular aspect of the craft of creative writing, these self-study courses will help you become the writer you want to be.


How it Works

Each of the creative writing courses below covers a range of key topics relating to that course.  After choosing and paying for your course you will be emailed the course pack which is a folder of PDF worksheets (you will need Adobe or some other PDF reader programme to open the worksheets).


Course packs include several worksheets, one for each key course topic (how many depends on the course) and a set of instructions.  All worksheets are designed to be self-explanatory and contain a mixture of creative writing theory/information, example texts to read and writing activities to complete.  The instruction sheet offers further advice on how to self-study the course.


Writers are able to work through the course packs at their own pace although it is suggested that they complete one topic per week/fortnight.  It's also a good idea to set aside a regular time to study and you might want to find a study partner but that's not essential and many people do these courses individually.


Why it Works

This is a totally flexible way to study creative writing.  You can chose what topics you study, when and where to study and spend as much time as you want studying.


It's also 'low-tech' - so you don't have to log on to Zoom/Skype/Microsoft Teams or any other online teaching software.  All you need is an email address and a programme like Adobe (downloadable for free) to allow you to open and view the course pack.  Course packs can also be posted worldwide for an additional £10 if you prefer to work on paper, rather than electronic copies of the worksheets.


Support While You Study

If you need help with anything while you are working through the course it's only an email away so if you have any questions about the course pack you just need to send Tracey a message.


For anyone who would like more help with their creative writing one-to-one sessions can be arranged for an extra fee (£25 per hour) and can be done online, through good old fashioned telephone calls or, if you prefer and live in the North East of England, in person (Covid 19 regs permitting).


All courses include an optional critque (detailed feedback) on up to 2,000 words of your creative writing.  This means you can send in a piece of writing which will be returned to you with comments, editing advice and suggestions for developing the work.  You don't have to send in any writing for critiquing but it's available to you as part of the course.  If you would like more than 2,000 words critiquing there is an additional charge of £25 per 2,000 words.


Courses - course fees reflect level of detaeil of the course content, not the number of topics covered 


Creative Writing Taster Course - £50

This course introduces writers to the five main types of creative writing: poetry, script writing, fiction, creative non-fiction and article writing.  It's ideal for anyone wanting to try out different forms of writing, expanding their writing skils.


Short Story Writing Course - £50

This course  guides participants through the writing of short stories with key topics including: plot and story, characterisation, structuring stories, writing effective dialogue, crafting descriptions through ‘showing not telling’, editing work and preparing work for submission to competitions and publications.  Students wishing to take this course will need access to an anthology of short stories and it is recommended that they buy either The Best British Short Stories published by Salt (any edition) or Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology published by Bristol Review of Books (any volume).


Introduction to Script Writing - £40

This course covers the key topics of script type and formal, plot, dialogue and characterisation as well as providing students with the chance to develop their own scripts and write a professional script premise/synopsis.  The course is designed for anyone wanting to get started on their first script writing venture.  


Novel Writing for Novices - £65

This course steers writers through the process of writing a novel, covering the key topics of planning a novel, novel openings and ending, characterisation, plotting, narrative approaches and ways in to publication for debut novelists.  It is recommended that you have read a few novels before starting this course.


Descriptive Writing - £50

This course introduces writers to the key topics of descriptive writing including showing versus telling, using metaphors and similies, basic and advanced descriptive writing techniques.  As descriptive writing has a role to play in all types of creative writing this is a good course for writers of all genres and styles of writing.


Original Writing - £50

This course encourages writer to be creative with language so their writing is fresh, vibrant and original, not everyday and mundane.  It helps ensure writers avoid repeating the mistakes and bad writing of those who have gone before them.  The key topics covered are: word choice, sentence crafting, lazy writing and how to avoid it, stereotyped characters and implausible plotting.  


Narrative Approaches - £50

This course is ideal for anyone writing a longer prose work e.g. a novel, memoir, auto/biography or any work of creative non-fiction but is also helpful for those writing short stories or narrative poetry.  The key topics covered include: narrative perspective, narrative structure, unreliable narrators and narrative tenses.


Voices in Creative Writing - £50

This course covers who speaks, what they say and how they say it in creative writing.  Key topics include: basic and advanced dialogue writing, the authorial voice and writing internal monologues.  Dialogue is a common problem area for many creative writer so this course is aimed at those wanting to avoid this issue.

For more information, to purchase any course or if you would like to study a creative writing topic or skill not covered by the above courses and would like to discuss the possibility of a tailor-made course email 

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