Try Writing

Try Writing is the website of Teesside based author Tracey Rebecca Iceton (TRI = try!).


As well as including information of her own work Try Writing is a place for aspiring and emerging writers to come to Tracey for advice, inspiration, writing services and even tutoring in creative writing and English studies.


Writing is a lonely, frustrating and turbulent profession.  It is also one of the most rewarding and valuable careers out there.  Try Writing aims to show new writers just what can be achieved and to help them on their way to becoming confident in their craft.


So come on, give it a go - Try Writing!


A writer's bookcase Celtic Colours Trilogy (4)

Tracey Iceton's Celtic Colours Trilogy


Green Dawn at St Enda's 2016

Herself Alone in Orange Rain 2017

White Leaves of Peace 2019


Telling the story of 100 years of conflict in Ireland.